Ss3 Rose Masked Saiyan Energy Marker Art With Text
Ss3 Rose Masked Saiyan Energy Marker Full Art No Text [No Case]
Gogeta & Vegito Energy Marker Digital Sleeve [Energy White And Orange]
Gogeta & Vegito Energy Marker Text Case Only [Energy Marker]

SS3 Rose Masked Saiyan Energy Marker

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TCGMetalZ pioneered the Metal Leader industry, and set the bar high. Well now we are raising it! All Metal Leaders will now have options for the following: 

1. Full Art no Text [No Text Case] - This Full Metal Leader will remove all unwanted text, so you can display a beautiful piece of Textured Art, that can be put inside any Leader Case!

2. Full Art w/Text Case - Want to pair this Leader with the text, the design was intended for but still keep that amazing Full Art look? Look no further!

3. Art with Text - The economic and purist option! This classic style is what we built our foundation on all these years! Fully Metal, Fully Textured and Text included all on one thicccc metal card!

4. Text Case Only - Just incase you already have a full art card, but want to have the battle ready text case to make it playable!

5. Digital Sleeve - Want to have this amazing art on a sleeve? We recommend using Dragon Shield, Promat and other custom sleeve producers, we send you a link to the high rest jpg to use and they take care of the rest!