Question and Answers about our product, shipping methods and more. If you have any inquires you feel should be added, please contact us on our facebook page : facebook.com/TCGMetalZ

Q: Where do we stay up to date on new content

A: On our Facebook Page TCGMetalZ


Q: After placing an order, what happens next?

A: Orders generally take 4-6 days for processing, as we print in batches, quality check then hand pack. If you have special 


Q: NFC Deckbox? Please explain?

A: See that acrylic piece on the side of your deckbox? Well it is not just for show. On your mobile device, enable NFC on your pull down menu (Usually next to Location toggle). 

1. Download NFC Tools from your respective app store. 

2. Open the app and it will be on "Read". Touch your phone to the acrylic piece and it will pull up info about your NFC chip. 

3. Tap on "Write" on the top of your, then add record. This can be a link among many other options. 

4. After you input your record, tap on "Write" then follow the directions on your screen that says approach NFC,  and your deckbox is ready to go!


Q: Do you take custom requests for Leaders or Deckboxes?

A: Yes, by joining our Patreon, we have a tier, where you can request custom Leaders, with a commission Fee. details are on our Patreon.



Q: What are ways to protect my Leader?

A: Our acrylic cases, protect from any potential wear overtime. DO NOT use plastic penny sleeves to put your metal leader in. There is a chemical byproduct on the inside of the sleeves that break down the bonding agent on the metal, that can cause damage to the Leader. If you do not want to use a case, they are fine with no protection, just treat them with care.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship anywhere in the world!


Q: Do the cases fit in standard deckboxes?

A: Yes, these acrylic cases, fit in many tested deckboxes, such as ultimate guard products and game genic products.


Q: Am I allowed to use these in tournaments?

A: If you use these products in an in-person regional event, make sure you have the official leader with you at all times, to avoid anyone rule sharking you, and if a judge asks you to put it away, please respect them, as they are looking out for your best interests. Under most circumstances, there are not issues with using them at events, locals and online tournaments. 


Q: Where are these products made?

A: We employ a team of artists, to create unique art for our leaders. Then we produce them locally at our shop in Maui, Hawaii. 96761


Q: Can I get a special number for a Gold Leader I am ordering?

A : We ship out orders, based on when you order your Gold Leader. We cannot guarantee what number you will receive, our Patrons, do get priority and early access order links, however. 


Q: I subscribed to the Patreon and are ready for my commission request. What do i do next?

A : There are a couple of guidelines when commissioning a Leader. 

1. Leader requests must be a character that belongs to the card game of choice [eg One piece leader must be a One Piece Character].

2. You can request themes of that character [eg star wars, special clothes]; references really help. 

3. There will be a que, as each commission requires artists to draw them, there will be a commission open phase and closed phase. You will be able to see the art for approval before it is designed into the card. 

4. No Custom Leaders that don't exist in the game. Typing up new text for leaders can get out of hand. You must choose a Leader that exists in their respective game. 

5. When the custom Leader is ready for production, there will be a limited quantity available under the "Commissions" section for others to buy. This will be a short window and created specifically to help alleviate production costs.

6. Commission Fee's are required before starting the drawing phase. If you would like to tip the artist, please let me know, after seeing the final draft, and we can arrange that!

7. IF you commission your own artist to draw a design for a custom leader, it must be at minimum 300DPI, line art layers separated from art, and a minimum of 4 in x 3in.