Question and Answers about our product, shipping methods and more. If you have any inquires you feel should be added, please contact us on our facebook page : facebook.com/TCGMetalZ


Q: Where do we stay up to date on new content

A: On our Facebook Page TCGMetalZ


Q: After placing an order, what happens next?

A: We check printed inventory for your order. If your order is already printed, orders ship out within 2 business days. If your order is not printed yet, we print all orders typically on the closest Wednesday and Ship out Thursday. We normally print a minimum of 21 cards at a time, so if your order tracking does not update within the above timeframe, do not worry.


Q: Do you take custom requests?

A: At this time, we are not accepting personal requests. You may still inquire with us on our Facebook page, but our goal is to make all the leaders! 

A2: If you are part of a team and looking for custom metal tokens/deckboxes or A Leader for a personal tournament or other reason, please still message us and we will do what we can!