Thank You Akira Toriyama Art With Text
Gogeta & Vegito Energy Marker Digital Sleeve [Energy White And Orange]


Thank you Akira Toriyama [Limit 1 Per Person]

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Thank you Akira Toriyama. I remember as a child, the highlight of my day was watching Dragon Ball at my grandparents after school. Watching Goku grow up with me, felt so meaningful. I remember watching DBZ, and hearing the voice actor change during the frieza saga, and being so frustrated until it grew on me. That moment when Gohan was unsure he could win against Cell and Goku told Gohan to make Cell pay for what he's done, These moment's really instilled something in me to never give up and keep going. 

I have made so many friends and connections through the characters Akira has created over the decades and this card game has propelled my love for the story even more. 

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, Thank you and may you find peace Akira Toriyama!

[I am only making 30 of these Energy Markers and they will be sold at no profit. This is not to make money and strictly to show my appreciation in a way I can]. Anyone who wants to have sleeves made of this art, the Digital sleeve is free. The link will be posted on facebook, but you can also checkout at $0.00 with your email, and I will send you the file.