Adult Evil Android 21 Full Art No Text [No Case]
Adult Evil Android 21
Adult Evil Android 21 Text Case Only [Bt20024Uc]
Adult Evil Android 21 Text Case Only [Bt8024Uc]


Adult Evil Android 21

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TCGMetalZ pioneered the Metal Leader industry, and set the bar high. Well now we are raising it! All Metal Leaders will now have options for the following: 

1. Full Art no Text [No Text Case] - This Full Metal Leader will remove all unwanted text, so you can display a beautiful piece of Textured Art, that can be put inside any Leader Case!

2. Text Case Only - Just incase you already have a full art card, but want to have the battle ready text case to make it playable!

3. Digital Sleeve - Want to have this amazing art on a sleeve? We recommend using Dragon Shield, Promat and other custom sleeve producers, we send you a link to the high rest jpg to use and they take care of the rest!