Webcam Monthly Tournaments

DBS-DECKPLANET TCGMetalZ Tournament Series Rules


1 PM EST - DECEMBER 4th, 2021

1 PM EST - JANUARY 22nd, 2022

1 PM EST - MARCH 6TH, 2022


  • Best of 1 Format [NEW RULES] : Best of 1 Format will entail 30 minute matches and last 5-6 rounds [determinate of # of players].
  • The side deck must be visible to both players before placing down their Leader. Both players must determine who is going first before siding,  You are allowed a 1 minute side upon both players placing down their Leader.
  • The tournament will end once there is 1 undefeated player remaining or after 6 rounds. Once time has been called, both players will be allotted 10 minutes of overtime. Once overtime is finished, if the match is not resolved, the player with the most life wins. All matches are to be played on our discord at your assigned table. Webcam must have full view of both players hands at all times, and will be an automatic game loss, if a judge is called on this offense.
  •  1a. BO1 Format does follow DBS-Cardgame Banlist Rules.

  • Important Links
  • 2a. Link to Discord

    2b. Link to Tournament Entry

    2c. Link to Google Form [Must be submitted latest 9 AM EST DAY OF TOURNAMENT].

    2d. Link to Facebook Page for Updates.

    2e. Pairings will be made through Official Carddass System, rounds posted on discord Pairings Channel

    2f. Prizing will be shipped out within 7 days of completion of the Tournament. Winners of both giveaways and the tournament, will be provided a link for shipping to their respective location.


    Prize Breakdown:

    >24 : Top 6

    25-41 : Top 8

    42-51 : Top 16

    52+ : Top 32

    Tournament Entry does not include prizing.

    All players (that do not make top cut) that complete round 3, without dropping, will receive a $3 coupon redeemable for any non-gold product on the website.

    All players (that do not make top cut) that complete round 5, without dropping, will receive a $8 coupon instead, redeemable for any non-gold product on the website.

    Tournament Prizes : March - April - May

    Numbered Exclusive Gold Leader

    1st - 3rd Place Each

    Son Goku, Supreme Warrior (BT16-001UC)

    art will be added/revealed soon

    Numbered 01 - 09

    included prizes: 

    50% off Coupon for any products

    TP 6, Mythic Booster     

  • Our Staff Includes: 

    3a. Judges : Charles Hofmann, Chris Anderson

    3b. Streamers : Main Event : TheHillTwins and/or TCGMetalZ

  • Affiliates : HouseofHype Team BerserkDBS-DeckPlanet